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Ulitmate technology for high-speed broadband Deliveration

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Demand for basic industrial facilities in the optical network continues to grow, as is the community to which the organization itself belongs for future growth. This is affecting our lives by experiencing a high value service of having faster access to the Internet, telephone, TV, and other broadband services. As is known in the industry, FTTx, utilities, municipalities, private companies, telcos or service providers and other businesses expect reliable, professional and experienced partners for nd-to-end optical fiber network solutions.

FTTX includes a wide range of optical access infrastructures such as fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the node (FTTN) and fiber to the desk (FTTD).

FTTx solution is an applicable wire network model for large residential buildings, small / medium residential buildings, single family residences, CATV infrastructure, and broadband systems.

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FTTH is being deployed around the world, based on the incredibly hard capacity of optical fiber, which is already the foundation of worldwide communications systems. Responding to the growing demand of the optical network, INNO Instrument can provide the network operator with the expertise knowledge, apparatus and the environment they need. With INNO Instrument's field-proven and clever yet intuitive methods and procedure, FTTx network can be deployed now reliably and cost-effectively.

INNO instrument helps to create easy access to networks that connect buildings, complexes, campuses or cities. We offer customized FTTX modeling tools, knowledge of optical communications, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Choose Inno Instrument today as your total solution provider and bring fiber to the last mile to your subscribers

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Experience the most accurate and reliable splicing technology with INNO Instrument's products.

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The benefit of Fiber Splicing and Optimization Service are many, and they are dependent on proper splicing techniques. INNO Instrument has the capability to provide custom engineering services for special splicing or fiber preparation applications. You can count on our experienced professionals to manage your fiber splicing project from start to finish. Our products are able to cope with environmental variables such as wind, water, dust, dirt, and moisture and we are leading the standardization of optical fiber splicing equipment by installing the latest access technology.

Delivering the network through extensive range of know-how and technology.

[Translate to English:] Fiber Optic Network Management

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The stability of the network depends on the quality of the customer's network infrastructure. Speed ”‹”‹and quality begin with certification completed by contractors or system integrators with a properly installed optical network infrastructure. Maintaining reliable fiber plant is an integral part of protecting your vital business applications.

As a network administrator, it is important to understand how to get the best performance out of your cabling investment and how to solve problems quickly when it occurs.

Optical Network as Next Generation network technology.

[Translate to English:] Optical Network Infrastructure

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Demand for optical infrastructure continues to grow with organizational (institutional) location for future growth and their communities. In addition to telecommunications companies, utilities and transportation agencies realize the benefits of optical networking. As the proverb says, "Timing is everything". This is the most appropriate expression for our communication network. Fiber optic cable is a very important aspect in providing optical network services. Optics is an excellent media format for mission-critical data center links, buildings in the backbone, and relatively long distance for campus networks.

Whether you are installing fiber optic cables or testing connections (i.e., splice), choose INNO Instrument's easy-to-use optical communication test equipment. "You dream, We design" is not just our marketing statements. We are realizing your dream through our products and services.

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Ideal choice for cellular backhaul technology.

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With rapidly increasing demand on network traffic and bandwidth, mobile operators are being driven to significantly invest in their networks for prompt innovation and greater customer value. Cellular backhaul is the use of wireless communication systems to obtain data from end users via Internet or a major network, such as a proprietary network, educational institution, or government agency. When the normal route is unavailable or overloaded, the term is sometimes referred to as the transmission of data over an alternate wireless network path. Although satellites can be used, the most common cellurlar backhaul method involves microwave systems.