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Premium Core-alignment Splicer with Wi-Fi

View 8+

The new premium core-alignment fusion splicer View8+ is the most powerful and innovative product to satisfy the demanding professionals who always demand for the highest performances on the go. View8+ features world class splice time of 6 seconds and heating time of 9 seconds with large battery capacity allowing 355 cycles. Together with 5 inch wide HD LCD monitor and user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface), this premium splicer comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi App which enhances practicality to check the work progress simply from a smartphone.

Enhanced workflow with absolute precision and speed


World-class Splicing and Heating Time

Shock resistance (Drop from 76cm)

Dust resistance (IP5x)

Water resistance (IPx2)

Display & Interface

Clear visibility for working environment

The largest 5” HD color LCD monitor
The highest 320X magnification
User-friendly smart GUI




162H x 147W x 157D mm
(including rubber bumper)


2.12KG (without battery) /
2.78KG (with battery)


Touch Screen / Button

Number of fiber

Single fiber

Splicing time

Heating time

Fiber view & magnification

320x Magnification


2 White LEDs

Result Storage
The last 10.000 results (Splice Data + Splice Image)
Compatible Fiber / Cable
200µm - 3,0mm/Indoor Cable(with FH-40)
Cleaved Length
Diameter:0,125 - 1mm, Cleave Length:8 - 16mm
Cladding Diameter
Splicing Mode
max. 128 modes
Heating Mode
max. 32 modes
Typical Splice Loss
SM: 0,02dB / MM: 0,01dB / DS: 0,04dB / NZDS: 0,04dB / G.657: 0,02dB(ITU-T Standard)
Return Loss
>> 60dB
Estimated Splice Loss
Available upon request.
Heating Sleeve Length
20 - 60mm
Tension Test
1,96 - 2,25N
Operating Condition
Operating Altitude: 0 - 5000m above sealevel, 0.95% relative humidity, -10 - -50°C, Max Wind 15m/s
Storage Condition
0 - 95% relative humidity, -20 - 60°C
Power Supply
AC Input 100 - 240V, DC Input 9V - 14
No. of Splice / Heating with Battery
9000mAh Battery Capacity, Typical 355 times (Splice+Heat)
Electrode Life
5500 arcs, can be extended by using an electrode grinder

View 8+